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A millennial shares what it meant to look for God during her teen years. And how the ability to ask God for direction and comfort changed her life.

Rachelle Radoc

More and more young people are venturing into the world of romantic relationships sparked by a simple direct message. But the real question is, are young people ready for what comes with being in love?
Martin Zerrudo

Martin Zerrudo

Do you feel lost and uneasy when you think about the future? Maybe it’s time to let God’s words guide you. Here are five reminders to direct your path.

Michelle Barreda

Making any decision can be difficult especially on your own. A young man shares the three questions he asks himself when faced with difficult choices.
Brian Ramirez

Brian Ramirez

No matter what stage of marriage you’re in, learning and growing is always constant. Adjusting and following good advice are important for a happy marriage

Myrtle Alegado