Recognize Burnout Before Burning Out: Part 2

man with hands on face in front of a computer screen

What is burnout? Are there tips to reduce and treat burnout? How do you know if you are burnt out? Listen to part 2 of Recognizing Burnout Before Burning Out to learn the best way to get through burnout.

Living Holy in Today’s Society

many people walking on a crosswalk

Let’s face it, the world is filled with temptations to throw off a person’s moral compass–but living in holiness is possible when armed with true faith.

Finding Hope in a Hopeless World

A young man struggles to find peace in life. After accepting an invitation from a friend to the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) he would learn that God will provide.

INC Reaches Kelowna, British Columbia

A family smiles to take a photo; a minister preaches to a congregation

As the Church continues to grow, the INC reaches Kelowna, British Columbia; a woman struggling with grief after losing her husband finds refuge in God after discovering the true faith.

INC Welcomes Hundreds of New Members in Japan

A woman in a kimono speaks into a mic, with a crowd behind her, a man in a suit hands a paper bag to a woman with a bow.

A special outreach event is held to welcome new INC members and Overseas Filipino Workers in Japan; from the ecclesiastical districts of Calgary, Washington State, New Jersey, Northern Europe, and Spain, the latest events in the INC.