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Expectations rarely match reality, especially in college. A recent graduate shares the lessons she learned about her faith while attending university.

Celebrating 109 Years: New Worship Buildings and Community Outreach Worldwide

On the left, a façade of an Iglesia Ni Cristo chapel, on the right, a drone shot of an Iglesia Ni Cristo chapel.

We reflect on God’s blessings to the Church Of Christ since the last anniversary, including the victories around the world.

In part two, we look back at the magnificent houses of worship dedicated to God as well as those under construction. We also relive the outreach events done in various countries in response to helping those in need.

Siblings Share Faith-Based Music

Two African-American individuals smiling with text overlay that reads Blessed Moments with Brother Eduardo V. Manalo.

Ahmad and Naeemah, siblings driven by their passion for music, unite in the Church Of Christ’s Noteworthy competition, using music as a platform to spread the good news of salvation.