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Connect With a Community Organization

Smiling volunteers with community members next to images of diapers and detergent above text that reads "Connect With a Community Organization & Donate Hygiene Supplies"

There are many ways to help those in need. And through research and effort, those opportunities can be found. Join Kristine to see how INC Giving volunteers made a connection with a local community organization through a hygiene supply donation drop off in Los Angeles.

How To Engage Youth in the Community

Four photos of vounteers at various locations next to two volunteers smiling and sweeping next to text that reads "Engage Youth in the Community in Fun and Meaningful Ways"

One issue the INC Giving Project aims to address is how to engage youth in the community. This can be done through youth involvement in community development opportunities such as coastal cleanups, teacher appreciation days, neighborhood appreciation days and even helping senior citizens. Learn more as Taylor Joy takes us through this week’s INC Giving recap!

Friends Find Ways to Make a Positive Impact

Four young INC Giving volunteers standing together and smiling next to group photos of volunteers and text that reads "Friends Find Ways to Make a Positive Impact in the Community"

Kristin Belle, Nikki, and a few friends wanted to find ways to make a positive impact in the community. So they got together and found that donating books to the public library, and gathering food drive items to donate would be a great way to help out. Watch their vlog to see how fun and easy it is to make a difference in your community.

Making A Difference Through Cleaning Up

Photos of volunteers cleaning the sidewalk and carrying bags of debris next to text that reads "Making A Difference Through Cleaning Up Sidewalks in South Korea"

There are many ways to thank our community. We can donate clothes to those in need, donate food to local pantries or we can simply clean up our local sidewalks, river-sides and alleys. Join Taylor Joy in this INC Giving recap to find out INC Giving volunteers helped in South Korea and in cities all over the world.

God Provided Me A Way Out

Man in a blue collared shirt smiling

Resilient amid the challenges of growing up with abusive parents, Jeremy seeks an escape through gaming, unknowingly becoming a part of God’s intricate game plan.