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50 Sites In Northeast Receive Snow Shoveling Help From Volunteers

Hundreds of Iglesia Ni Cristo, Church of Christ Hit the Streets to Help Neighbors After Worship

NEW YORK CITY (JAN. 24, 2016) – Nearly 50 neighborhoods across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern Seaboard are receiving extra support for snow removal starting Sunday, Jan. 24, from volunteers of the international religious entity Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC or Church of Christ).

Hundreds have been mobilized and will continue into the week to offer help to local neighbors and residents in need. They will help clear public access areas like sidewalks and driveways in the surrounding neighborhoods of each local congregation compound. All worship services of the INC resumed despite the harsh conditions.

“Where there are INC congregations, there are residents ready to serve the community and be of help to local organizations in need of a volunteer task force – all over the world,” said Rex Rosquites, District Minister of the Mid-Atlantic congregations.

“The INC is still growing internationally even after 101 years,” added Joji Crisostomo, District Minister of the Northeastern Seaboard congregations. “We know it is a duty to provide not only spiritual needs, but assistance for our neighbors in any manner possible. It is our way of saying we are here to help.”

The day of service is a labor of the INCGiving Project, one of the INC’s socio-civic programs that support the efforts of community partners, by offering time and resources for the wellbeing of those in need. INC volunteers worldwide are taking a multi-service approach to address the issues facing residents of their area, while setting the tone for future programs that support family and community development – a global commitment to share faith through acts of kindness.

Numerous large-scale and local community partnerships have been established for 2016, events to take place internationally.