Bridging the Cultural Gap

A young woman and her mom through the years

Honest (sometimes tough) conversations help a relationship mature, especially between children of immigrants and their parents, like Darlene and Leni.

7 Tips for Raising a Teenager

a group of smiling teenagers with their arms around each other’s shoulders

1. Accept that you are no longer the center of their universe When kids are young, you are the source of all their necessities in life, and their main source of attention. As they get closer to their teenage years, that will reverse. They will have friends who pay attention to them, other avenues of […]

Tips for Money Management

a person calculating bills

Family and money matters are important topics to discuss together. How does a Christian family manage their finances while keeping their faith in mind?

When Someone You Love Has Cancer

A family photo with a mother, father, and two sons

When Donovan was diagnosed with cancer during the pandemic, he and his wife Jhoana leaned on their faith and on each other for support and encouragement.

How to Talk to a Teen

Silly photos of a mom and teenage daughter

Having effective parent and teenager communication is important for a healthy relationship. A mom and her teen discuss their communication style.

Present Parenting

Two children playing a game on a tablet

While screen time has its positives and negatives, quality time is important. Four moms talk about being present and what to do instead of screen time.

Dealing With Postpartum Depression

woman smiling with text graphics Faith and Family

After having a child and losing her dad, Irma Jackson experiences postpartum depression. She finds solace in her faith and knowing she’s not alone.

3 Lessons from a Breast Cancer Survivor

woman in a fighting stance smiling with a pink bandana

As a breast cancer survivor, early detection, support, and her faith saved Luida Florendo. Listen to her journey and learn one of her biggest life lessons.