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Newly Renovated Church of Christ in Bayonne to Hold Dedication Service Tomorrow

BAYONNE — After undergoing nearly $800,000 in renovations since last August, the Church of Christ in Bayonne will be holding a special dedication service this Saturday, according to a church press release.

The service at the church, known in Tagalog as “Iglesia Ni Cristo,” is scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. at 280 Ave. E.

The Church of Christ is an international Christian denomination originating in the Philippines that comprises “more than 5,500 local congregations in over 100 countries and territories worldwide, with membership of at least 110 nationalities,” the church said.

The church came to Bayonne in 2011, purchasing the building at 280 Ave. E to meet the needs of its growing membership in a nearby congregation in Elizabeth.

The new property became a home for church members who, for years, rented space in nearby community halls in order to worship twice a week, the church said. The Bayonne church is one of 28 local congregations and group worship services in the northeastern United States, eight of which are in New Jersey.

Joji S. Crisostomo, church District Minister of the Northeastern Seaboard congregations, said that hopefully, “the renovation will welcome more residents of the area, providing families of the neighborhood who’d like to join, a community establishment they can also call their own.” “When many nonprofits have unfortunately been forced to close their doors or cut back on services, we’re grateful that after nearly 102 years, (Iglesia Ni Cristo) is still growing internationally,” he said.

Church Executive Minister Eduardo V. Manalo is scheduled to visit the newly renovated church from overseas. He will dedicate, in total, four houses of worship in the United States and one in Canada from February to March, the church said.

The church said that its members have been active in the Bayonne community, holding outreach activities such as offering free health screenings; clean sweeps of the city’s streets; and “Appreciation Days” for service men and women.