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Letting God Shape My Future


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Percival Palarde Jr – Temple Hills, Maryland: 

 Good evening Po, Ka Eduardo. It’s me, Brother Percy. I just got home from performing for the evangelical mission. 


I helped set up TSV( Technical Support for Video Streaming) beforehand, and I performed Multimedia during the lesson. Everything went smoothly, and the footage I got turned out great! I actually just finished uploading all the footage, so that way, we can start editing right away. Oh, I actually wanted to show you some of the photos that I got. Give me a second here, and I’ll put it up on my tablet. Here it is. I think these are the best ones from tonight. I actually think it’s funny. When I first started performing multimedia 10 years ago, I used to struggle because my photos would always turn out too dark or too blurry. Now I struggle to figure out which ones I want to include for submission.


Speaking off, I’ve actually wanted to thank you for a while now. Performing Multimedia and TSV all these years has really helped my life. It’s helped me, and I can only assume so many others. While I started these duties really early, I found that it kept getting harder to perform as I grew up. Not because I didn’t want to perform but because of all the other parts of life. Life just kept pilling more responsibilities. School, work, social life, and everything else a teenager goes through. I was so overwhelmed with everything that was being thrown at me. There came a point where I just wanted to stop everything and just give up. Not worry about grades, about money, about all the other pressures of life. 


But because of my duties, I continued on. They’ve kept me grounded. It was in my duties where I found the peace I had been seeking. When I perform, there’s nothing else on my mind. But making sure I fulfill them to the best of my ability. These duties saved me because in the few hours that I perform, my worries are gone. 


I also want to thank you, po, for the advancement of Multimedia and TSV. Always performing for multimedia and TSV has changed my life for the better. It helped me grow in my faith. For multimedia, I was able to learn about new ways that brethren can share their faith, especially in this growing digital age. Both helped strengthen me because I knew, in my own small way, I was helping the Church. I was helping in a way that only that specific duty could. And it made me feel special because I felt like it was a gift that God had given me. 


I struggled for a bit to find something I knew I wanted to do for my career. It was a hard decision at first, but after doing devotional prayer, the choice became really clear. I learned so much from both to the point where that knowledge started to seep into other aspects of my life, like my major in college. I’m currently studying Communications, and I recently applied to be a media specialist at a school nearby. And it’s all thanks to everything that I’ve learned in multimedia and TSV. Who knew that my duties would help form my career path and, ultimately, shape my future? 


Your vision for these duties has not only helped me but the whole Church grow in our faith. It was through your inspiration that so many members, like myself, are able to benefit from it. As the leader of the Church, I have nothing but the utmost respect for you and the decisions that you make. I understand the importance of your role in guiding us because everything you do is for the betterment of the brethren and for the future of the Church. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for your constant care of the brethren. Happy 13th anniversary of your continued leadership!


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Letting God Shape My Future