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Prepare for your next community service event with these INC Giving Project tools.

INCGiving Logo

Click here to download for proper usage guidelines of the INCGiving Logo. Please don’t change the colors, fonts, or anything related to the logo. Instead, use the INCGiving logo to show the global volunteer programs sponsored by the Iglesia Ni Cristo.

INCGiving Cards

Click here to download 2 x 3.5 INCGiving Cards to hand out.

INCGiving Project One-Sheet

Click here to download this one-sheet and use it to introduce the INCGiving Project.

INCGiving T-Shirt

Click here to download the logo usage guide for printing your INCGiving T-Shirt.

INCGiving Buttons

Click here to download the file to get your INCGiving buttons printed for your next event.

INCGiving Banner

Click here to download printable INCGiving banners. The banner size is about 60 inches x 25 inches.


Graphics for INCGiving graphics are available to download. Click here to download all the INCGiving Project ideas or download each one separately by clicking on the individual thumbnails.