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Attend a LIVE storytelling event and listen to stories of people who have chosen to deal with problems with the guidance of God. Listen to their faith speak how they found purpose through life’s toughest moments.

Meet Our Storytellers

Frank Busbee

God Gave Me Reasons to Smile

Overcoming his troubled youth, a man shares why joining the Church Of Christ puts a smile on his face every time he walks inside the house of worship.

Godfrey Dement

I Found the One Who Made Me a Better Man

Growing up in a broken home and having no direction, Godfrey finally finds the right path when he learns about God through a friend and turns into the ONE

Stevyn Anthony

A Story About God

A man explores the ups and downs of his life and marvels at the chapters God has written in his story and learns that God truly has great plans!


Casey Emory

Making Forever Friends

A high schooler has a difficult time choosing friends. But after praying, she finds belonging and community in her Church youth group. A true blessing!


Rhea Cabardo

I Choose Life

A woman diagnosed with an aneurysm decides to completely rely on God and live life intentionally after realizing there are no guarantees in life


Register to attend this one-hour storytelling event on November 19 at 6 PM Pacific Time

Location: (Church Of Christ) Iglesia Ni Cristo 7100 42nd Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118

The first 10 to register (and attend) will automatically receive Faith Speaks T-Shirts.  We have more giveaways, so make sure to look for emails from

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