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Do you [really] know Jesus?

A Bible presentation to help you gain clarity on why Jesus died and who He died for.

You know about Jesus. 

You’ve heard His story.

You celebrate His resurrection. 

You may even try to follow His teachings in your daily life.


But beneath the surface, you wonder if you fully understand what the Bible says about Jesus Christ and your salvation. And you wonder: Do my beliefs line up with what’s in the Bible?

Could a missing piece in your beliefs hold you back from having a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ?

If you’re looking to gain a deeper biblical understanding of who Jesus Christ is, then join us for a special Bible presentation to discover:

  • Who is Jesus Christ (and why the biblical truth is different from what others believe)
  • Why He died, and why His death is important today
  • Whom Jesus died for (and why it’s not whom you think)

Don’t let questions hold you back any longer.

Register for a Bible presentation and discover what happens when you understand the Bible’s teachings about who Jesus Christ is and what’s needed for Him to save you. 

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Come open to learn. 

Come ready to understand.

Come learn who Jesus Christ is according to the Bible.

About the Bible Presentation

In the Church Of Christ, we follow a question-and-answer format in our Bible studies. There is no personal interpretation or random storytelling. Just God’s words to give you meaning and purpose in your life. 

Attending these Bible presentations will help you:

  • Explore how the Bible’s words apply to your modern life
  • Find answers to your questions about life’s purpose 
  • Connect with others seeking meaning and purpose
  • Leave with hope and guidance to navigate life’s challenges

No matter your background, you deserve the best guide for your life. Discover how the Bible can be the source of truth and direction you’ve been searching for.

What to expect during the Bible presentation

Your time is important to us. Each Bible presentation will start promptly at the scheduled time and will last no more than 30-40 minutes. We invite you to come early for refreshments and to meet other attendees of the Bible presentation.

Who is hosting the Bible presentation?

The Bible presentation is hosted by the Church Of Christ (Iglesia Ni Cristo in Filipino and Iglesia De Cristo in Spanish) a Christian religion whose primary purpose is to worship the Almighty God based solely on the teachings of the Bible.

We’re excited to meet you!