One True Church or Many?

Can all these Christian Churches today belong to Christ?

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The beginning of religion and the religions today.

How did religion come about? And why are there so many churches today?

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What is the difference between the Iglesia Ni Cristo and the Roman Catholic Church?

What is the difference between Catholic Church and the Iglesia Ni Cristo? Is the Church of […]

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Is the Bible the only source of God’s words?

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Prohibition on Eating Blood

Why are members of the Church of Christ prohibited to eat blood? You like your steak […]

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Getting to Heaven

Heaven: How do you know if you’re going to heaven? Is your name truly written in […]

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Hardships in Life

Hardship: How can we overcome the difficulties in life? Why are so many people filled with […]

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Soul, Spirit & Body

Soul, Spirit & Body: What happens after a person passes away? Do we have a place […]

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True Baptism

True Baptism: Why is immersion needed? Do you need to be baptized right away? Why is […]