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Big Turnout for Blood Bank of Hawaii’s First-Ever Triple Mobile Donation Drive

The Blood Bank of Hawaii teamed up with a church for its first-ever triple Bloodmobile today, saying this couldn’t come at a better time.

Lately the blood bank has been struggling with the increased demand for type O blood.

The blood bank told KHON2 the hospitals have been using more of that blood type in the past few weeks, and the need to replenish it is high.

They add that the Church of Christ stepped up to help and created one of the biggest blood drives in Hawaii to date.

For one particular woman, the event was her chance to give blood for the second time.

“It’s a special bow, it’s almost like you did it, celebrate,” said Jennica Megan Baldonado.

She says it holds special meaning, after learning her University of Hawaii West Oahu classmate went through a blood transfusion.

“She told me, it might have been your blood that saved me. I was like, what? After that it was such a big impact on me. You think you give blood and that’s it. When you actually meet somebody, it’s a whole different story,” Baldonado added.

She and hundreds of others flocked to Iglesia Ni Cristo church in Waipahu to donate blood today.

“We were really surprised with the turnout,” said minister Gino Ramilo. “Many prior to this date, registered way ahead of time.”

Maura Dolormente with the Blood Bank of Hawaii says there is a local need for type O blood.

“Every single day we need about 200 to roll up their sleeves. In the last couple of weeks we haven’t had quite as many 0 donors come through the doors,” said Dolormente.

And as blood banks nationwide gear up for what she calls the “summer doldrums,” she hopes more people turn out to donate.

“Kids are out of school. the students make a big percent of our daily blood supply. With them out of school, people on vacations, we just see lower donor turnout,” Dolormente explains.

If you want to donate, or need more information about blood drives, visit Blood Bank of Hawaii’s website by clicking here.

Big turnout for Blood Bank of Hawaii’s first-ever triple mobile donation drive