I Don’t Celebrate Christmas

Adult pulling child on sled.

(And there’s more of us than you think) No, I’m not Muslim, Jewish, or a misguided fanatic starting a “War on Christmas.” But if you are, please don’t stop reading. I’m your neighbor. I’m your kid’s teacher. I’m the coffee shop barista. I’m in the car next to you in traffic. I’m a devout, conservative […]

Where Are They Now? The Lasting Impact of the Executive Minister

A pair of hands holds a single photo of a smiling family; on the table beneath is a pile of photos spread out.

The Lasting Impact of the Executive Minister For the last five years here at INC Media Services, the producers and writers set aside time from the months of June and July,  to gather heartwarming and uplifting stories we hear in relation to the interaction of our brothers and sisters in the faith, and our Executive […]

3 Times My Kids Asked: “Is the Bible Real?”

Mom and daughter walking down a path surrounded by trees

“Is melted ice cream just milk?” “Why does violet get its own color when it’s just like purple?” “Who decided which one was the Big Dipper and which one was the Little Dipper?” I cannot tell you how many times I’ve declared, “Ok, no more questions, please, thank you!” Children are relentless. Their thirst for […]