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A Teenager’s Struggle Turns to Hope

A teenager's struggle to accept the reality of her father's health becomes hope and endurance of faith through the reminder of the Executive Minister to trust in what God can do.


A Teenager’s Struggle Turns to Hope


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Therese Melendres


Hi, po Ka Eduardo. I hope you’re well, po. My name is Therese Melendres, po. I’m from Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire County, England. It’s about an hour or two away from Central London. A little about me is that I recently finished my university course in dental nursing, I plan to take my next step in my studies to pursue another course in the dental industry. 


I’m currently with my family. We’re about to head out to go to worship service and set up our rented hall. It usually takes us around 5- 10 minutes to get to the place of worship. I’m a choir member, a group secretary and I’m about to be appointed as a KADIWA secretary. As an only child, I’m very close to my parents. Honestly, I’ve been blessed with such faithful parents. I’ve actually been wanting to tell you, Ka Eduardo, about this time when my family went through severe difficulties, especially in regards to my dad, and how he taught me how to deal with life’s challenges. 


In 2015, my dad was rushed to Oxford hospital. We later found out that he developed TTP (Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura) unexpectedly.


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It’s a rare blood disorder that causes blood clots in your blood vessels. It’s a life-threatening disorder.


Doctors were unsure of my dad’s health. But we remain strong in our faith during this hardship. I remember during the video streaming, you shared a verse, Ka Eduardo, that I can’t forget. The verse said that when you feel like the sorrows of this world feel too heavy…we should bow our heads in silence and call to our Father. I was reminded to stay firm in our faith and to trust in God, and to trust in what God can do for me. 


Listening to your reminder gave me hope when things were tough for my family. Through our prayers, my dad was discharged. Currently he’s taking biological treatment to control his condition. But he diligently performs his duties inside the church. Sometimes in life, it’s easy to feel like you can’t go on. But when I perform in the choir and receive God’s words, the worries that weigh me down suddenly fade away. 


I always leave worship service feeling strong, because I feel our Father’s grace. Thank you, Ka Eduardo, for your constant love for the Church, and for helping my family and I become strong members of the Church. Your leadership has helped me grow as a young adult and as a Christian. Receiving your constant reminders for us to always follow and obey our Lord God’s commandments, and seeing your sacrifices for the church encourages me to be more involved with the Church activities, and to always fulfill my duties to the best of my ability. Congratulations, Ka Eduardo on your 13 years of dynamically leading the Church Of Christ throughout the whole world. You are an inspiration to all of us. And I hope and pray that you will be guided by our Almighty Father in every decision you make for the Church, and continue to guide the brethren with your dynamic leadership. Thank you, Ka Eduardo.


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A Teenager’s Struggle Turns to Hope