How To: Find Your Passion in Volunteering

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How To: Find Your Passion in Volunteering In most, if not all communities, finding volunteer opportunities is easy; but finding the right one for you – that might be a little more challenging … but not impossible! You may be thinking, “why is it important to find something that is right for me? Isn’t giving and volunteering about doing something for others?” It is; helping others is about the recipient. But imagine how much more help you could be, if you participated in a project or opportunity that you are al...

4 Things to Remember on an Unexpected Journey

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1. Expect the Unexpected Life can be planned but not predicted. If our plans take a turn, don’t lose faith. Our mental and emotional strength is rooted in our spiritual strength. So if we are spiritually strong; if our faith is strong, it will, in turn, enhance our mental and emotional strength. So in order to be ready to expect the unexpected, above all, always aim for spiritual strength. 2. This Is An Opportunity To Grow In Your Faith Growth is vital in life.  Any challenge or setback that comes our way i...

Community Connection: Heroes Appreciation in Huntsville, Alabama Volunteers

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Community Connection:  Heroes Appreciation in Huntsville, Alabama It has been said that when it snows heavily in Huntsville, the city shuts down. The city didn’t have snow ploughs to clean the roads, making it difficult to drive into the city. But January 23, 2016, Saturday, despite the cold weather and distance, brethren from different parts of Alabama and Tennessee drove to the place of worship in Huntsville, Alabama. “They are warriors,” said Brother Richard Soterio, the Minister of the Gospel for th...

January 31, 1994: First International Video Conference of Ministers

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INC Milestones: January 31, 1994 – First International Videoconference of Ministers By means of modern technology and with the purpose to relay instruction, uplift the spirits, and remind and advise the ministers and evangelical workers of the Church of Christ, the first International Video Conference of Ministers was led by the Church Administration under the leadership of Brother Eraño G. Manalo. The event was held on January 31, 1994 This first video conference of ministers of the Church was ho...

Free Bible Studies

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INC Kids: January

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Nahum 1:7

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Ecclesiastes 9:10 (ERV)

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