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Thankfulness (Coming Soon)

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Let’s be thankful! In this episode of “Let’s Sing,” learn why it’s important to say, “Thank you.” (Coming Soon)

Europe Main Office

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An extension of the Church Administration has been established as the Europe Main Office.


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From a refugee camp in Nepal, Bal Gurung and several others would eventually find their way to Canada. After being introduced to the Church of Christ, they would find refuge in the truth, and a new life within God's love.

Should we rely on fortune-tellers?

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Even if some predictions of fortune-tellers come true, we can’t entrust our life and our future to them. Why not? What does the Bible say about on whom we should place our complete trust?

Lenten Season and Fasting

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Every year, many Christian professing religions observe the Lenten season or Holy Week. Did the apostles ever observe such tradition? If this kind of religious service were done with sincere devotion, would God and our Lord Jesus Christ accept it?

Centennial Theme Greetings

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Abound in Faith, Love, and Hope

Brother Gio Andre Capili

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Brother Gio Andre Capili, 4th grade student of New Era University, wins an award at the King of Mathematics International Math Competition and Pan Pacific Mathematics Olympian conducted in Hong Kong, China.

King William’s Town, South Africa

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Catch up on the latest events in South Africa, including an Aid for Humanity event.