Happiness is Holiness

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Happiness is Holiness When raising our children to be God-centered and less self-centered, what advice can the Bible give us about being God-centered children? For us to become God-centered, we need to be God-aware. In other words, we need to be aware of God working in our life. Even though He is spirit, we cannot see Him, we need to be aware God is there, God is always with us. So how do you develop that? In the book of 1 Corinthians 10:31 it says the following: Well, whatever you do, whether you ea...

10 Fun-Filled Family Activities

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10 Fun-Filled Family Activities  1.Family Fitness Night This is a great way to get the family up and moving! You can play a sport together, create different physical activity challenges, or go to different places that promote physical activities such as a playground, trampoline complex, rock climbing gym, or even the local park. The goal is to promote health and enjoy a physical activity as a family! 2. Family Game Night Games are another fun way to practice collaboration, communication and healt...

The Father’s Love

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The Father’s Love Children nowadays are presented with many more challenges than we had to face. For example, bullying, not just physical or in school, but even online. They’re exposed to those kinds of problems. Is it possible to be a parent and not worry? Jeff Robles, as a father of three, cannot help but think about the problems that his children face. And about how time is just passing by. Well, it’s a challenge. It’s gone in the blink of an eye really, time has just flown. That’s why he and his ...

El Mensaje Testimonials: Ricardo Cabral – Parte Dos

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Cuando yo llegué a este país después conocí y entré a la Iglesia Pentecostal y ahí empecé a leer mas la Biblia y había cosas que empecé a descubrir y que las enseñanzas que daban ahí se contradecían lo que estaba en la Biblia. Conocí a un hermano, cuando, fui a ese lugar, y era el Hermano Carlo Pellegrina. El me invitó a la Iglesia de Cristo.So, así fue como conocí a la Iglesia de Cristo. Si se me dificulto un poco, porque no hablaba Inglés en ese tiempo o no entendía y, pero las ganas que yo tenía ...

Luke 9:62

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Hebrews 11:1

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Philippians 4:13 CEV

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Proverbs 16:17 NLT

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