Chosen By God

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The work entrusted by God to Brother Felix Y. Manalo continues today, through the lives of individuals who continue to learn the true teachings inside the Church of Christ. Hear from some of the fruits of this last work of salvation.

INC Review 5.3.2015

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Iglesia ni Cristo members show love for their fellowmen with a clothing drive for South Africa!

The Story of the Messenger: An Animated Cartoon

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Animated Cartoon Based on the life of Brother Felix Y. Manalo, Messenger of God in these Last Days

Remembering FYM

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On May 10, 1886, Brother Felix Y. Manalo was born in Tipas, Taguig, Rizal. He was a pioneer in the real sense of the term – determined, persevering, and courageous. Moreover, his faith in God and Jesus Christ was pure and unshakeable. When he set out on his great mission, he was convinced it was the will of God and that God would therefore make him prevail against all odds. And God did. 52 years after Brother Felix Y. Manalo’s death, the mission entrusted to him by God continues. Learn more about the ...

On Not Observing the Sabbath

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Do members of the Church of Christ observe the Sabbath?

Don’t Waste Time

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How can we use time wisely according to the teachings written in the Holy Scriptures?

El Culto de María – Parte Dos (The Worship of Mary – Part 2)

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Las autoridades católicas afirman que todas las cosas en el cielo y la tierra se someten a María. También que el mismo diablo es más miedo de ella que Dios. ¿Qué dice la Biblia acerca de la adoración de María? (Catholic Authorities state that all things on heaven and earth are subjected to Mary. Also that the Devil himself is more afraid of her than God. What does the Bible say about the worship of Mary?)

Keep My Eyes Towards Heaven

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Keep My Eyes Towards Heaven Lyrics by: Brothers TJ Arellano, DJ Manguit and Leander Guillermo Music and Arrangement by: Brother Marvin Estrada Performed by: Sisters Jeanne Ngembe, Charlotte Londoni, Michelle Calaguas, Jerica May Guanzon