Brother Ruben Garcia

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When I went to London, somebody was so glad to see me - and I was thinking, “Who is this girl?” and she said “I’m that little girl that you offered in Bontoc.” I remembered the entire family who was baptized and the children were offered, and now she is a grown up sister already. So that’s the joy in the ministry. Before, when we didn’t have the formal schooling, the way [to learn] is that the District Minister will teach you for 1 year then after that you are recommended to the Central Office to be a Vol...

Ahmad Waleed: Making a stand

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When you grow up in the inner city, when you grow up in these crime-ridden neighborhoods, it’s like you always have to be alert. You always have to watch your back or watch the corner. Growing up on the tough streets of Philadelphia, Ahmad Waleed and his family lived life surrounded by clear and present danger on a day-to-day basis. We would continuously hear gunshots almost every day. It was not even a second—a split-second—you couldn’t even play for a split second without something happening. There w...

Kind Kids: Teacher Appreciation Day in Heathrow

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It was a Thursday and almost the weekend; but what I was even more excited about was our Teachers Appreciation Day!  I was extremely happy to take part in this event. This activity meant that all of the children (including myself) could show teachers how much we appreciate them by performing different songs in honor of their work. It was also about showing them our Church, so they would know what we do when we’re not in school and how much the Church means to us. They saw in our picture gallery the childr...

Anacorita Lumilang: The girl who raised her hand

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My name is Sister Anacorita Lumilang. I was born on August 27th, 1929. This was a class in the University of the Philippines, when I was taking my Master’s Degree.  And the class is Communication in Public Administration. The members of that class were mostly Senior Officers in their respective Offices; Department Managers from the Central Bank, from the PNB, from different offices in the Philippine Government. And someone once said, “Oh Manalo must be a good communicator because whatever he is saying,...

I am one with EVM

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Romans 12:11 NCV

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Colossians 2:7 & 6

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