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Faith Love and Hope in South Africa (A Documentary)

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Take a close look at the humble beginnings of the Iglesia Ni Cristo in South Africa. Faith Love and Hope in South Africa (A Documentary) available on soon.

El Origen de la Iglesia Católica, Parte Dos (The Origin of the Catholic Church, Part Two)

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La diferencia entre la Iglesia edificada por Cristo y la Iglesia del diablo. Los dos caracteristicas más que nos ayudarán confirmar la identidad de la iglesia plantada por el diablo. (The difference between the Church built by Christ and the Church of the devil. Two more characteristics that all the more confirm the identity of the Church planted by the devil.)

Coming Soon! WORD (Women On Real Discussions)

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Join a real conversation! Four women, same faith but different opinions. Pull up a chair at WORD! Women On Real Discussions! Watch it in the Christian Family Organization (CFO) January Meetings!


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Learn why there's no 'I' in team.

Does Celebrating Christmas Bring Honor to Christ?

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What is the origin of Christmas? Is it really the birthday of Jesus Christ? Does the world's celebration of Christmas bring honor or glory to the Lord Jesus Christ?

Christmas: A Pagan Celebration (Part 1)

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Christmas is a celebration of pagan origins.

Philippine Arena: Part 2

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Discover how the Philippine Arena - The building itself - has led some people toward salvation.

Work Stress

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What can we learn from the Bible, as employers and employees, to manage work stress? And what can we do to ensure stress doesn't adversely affect our health?