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Welcoming Neighbors and Friends to the INC

Neighbors and friends gather with INC members for a welcoming event in Northwest California; sports enthusiasts gather for a day of games in Australia.

Welcoming Neighbors and Friends to the INC 

SHANNON SANTAMARIA: In the continuation of this week’s episode of INC News World: a very special “Welcome, My Brethren” event in California; In Australia, sporting events return with cheering crowds. Stay tuned. 


SHANNON SANTAMARIA: Welcome back to INC News World, I’m Shannon Santamaria coming to you from Honolulu, Hawaii, as we continue this week’s episode. 

For U.S. military veterans, a study showed that at least



44% of veterans report feeling lonely at least some of the time while 10.4% reported feeling lonely often.

SHANNON SANTAMARIA: Though disheartening, we head to San Francisco, California and meet a vet who has found a way to remain optimistic despite troubling times. Sophia Trigonis has more on that report.


BENJAMIN REDD, JR. (MILITARY VETERAN – SAN FRANCISCO, CA): I was in the coast-to-coast trucking business for 55 years. And naturally, I also did time in the Army.

SOPHIA TRIGONIS: Benjamin, a military verteran living in San Francisco, has his own story to tell about his life.

BENJAMIN REDD, JR. (MILITARY VETERAN – SAN FRANCISCO, CA): As people get older, as I have, we have different illnesses. I just picked up psoriasis here, about two years ago. 

SOPHIA TRIGONIS: And though weathered down from much he’s had to face throughout the years, he’s recently been involved with something that has given him hope in life.

BENJAMIN REDD, JR. (MILITARY VETERAN – SAN FRANCISCO, CA): They come over to the facility and have a Bible study. 

SOPHIA TRIGONIS: Bible studies, being conducted by the Church Of Christ at the veterans living facility where Benjamin currently resides.

BENJAMIN REDD, JR. (MILITARY VETERAN – SAN FRANCISCO, CA): They’re always very helpful, pleasant, understanding. You have a number of people that come but you have one that preaches and the lessons that he’s given with the Bible has made it very pleasant to better understand what is needed. 

SOPHIA TRIGONIS: And as Benjamin has been able to learn more about the true doctrines found inside the Church Of Christ, he also had the opportunity to bond with other fellow Bible students around the District of Northwest California. In a “Welcome, My Brethren” activity taking place over the course of two days, Bible students and members were able to gather safely for an exciting event. Filled with performances, games and socializing, and listening in on some inspiring words coming from the Bible

With one of the venues being in Burlingame, California, attendees were able to join in on an exclusive tour of the INC Media Studios, a media arm of the Church Of Christ, focused on creating inspiring content by implementing the words of God found in the Holy Scriptures.

BENJAMIN REDD, JR. (DOCTRINAL INSTRUCTEE & MILITARY VETERAN – SAN FRANCISCO, CA): I have enjoyed this facility and the people in it. And I thank God that He’s given me that time in the COVID situation. It’s a beautiful facility for the fellowship of those who love God. 

JUNEL HAUGLEY (INC MEMBER – SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA): We always see the programs on TV, or on the internet. What better way to spend the day than with guests and brethren, and to have this event just keeps us all tied together. Especially after such a long time that we’ve been apart and only been seeing each other on the screen. It’s great to be face to face.

WILLIE CHAPMAN (DOCTRINAL INSTRUCTEE & MILITARY VETERAN – SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA): I think it was very nice. And I’m glad I was invited. The people I met through my friend here Brother Junel, I’ve been enjoying the whole day. I’m hoping to come back again. I appreciate it.

AMY ROXAS (INC MEMBER – BURLINGAME, CALIFORNIA): The event is to welcome any of the Bible students from all different [local congregations]. I like being around with the brethren. It’s fun, it’s energetic, just to get together.

BROTHER EDUARDO JAVIER (DISTRICT SUPERVISING MINISTER – NORTHWEST CALIFORNIA): We thank our Lord God for this wonderful opportunity that we have this evening in our “Welcome, My Brethren.” Bringing there their Bible students, candidates for baptism, and guests for them to know more about what the Iglesia Ni Cristo is all about. The other part is about having fun with them. So we have entertainment, we have games, for the people to be gathered together. 

SOPHIA TRIGONIS: And as Bible students continue to learn more about the true doctrines, they’re inspired by the different activities being put together by the Church Of Christ which encourage members to all the more extend their hospitality to friends and neighbors.

BROTHER EDUARDO JAVIER (DISTRICT SUPERVISING MINISTER – NORTHWEST CALIFORNIA): The Administration saw the great number of people who want to join the Iglesia Ni Cristo. Through this personal approach, ministers, along with all the officers, we will be able to communicate to them, we will be able to relay to them not just the words of our Lord God but also we can share the things that we love most, especially during this time.

WILLIE CHAPMAN (DOCTRINAL INSTRUCTEE & MILITARY VETERAN – SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA): It’s very nice, I’m learning a lot because I got out of touch with the church.

BENJAMIN REDD, JR. (DOCTRINAL INSTRUCTEE & MILITARY VETERAN – SAN FRANCISCO, CA): God has His true blessing for those who believe in Him. And I thank Him for allowing me the time that He’s given me and continues to give me. They are truly showing means of better understanding what God wants us to do. 

JUNEL HAUGLEY (INC MEMBER – SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA): We must just strive to let people know all about this as much as we can. So while we still have this life and strength and the day that is given to us I think we better make use of it to do our part, to do our best.

SOPHIA TRIGONIS: As more discover the true doctrines inside the Church Of Christ, they are also able to experience the love of the brotherhood through activities like these. To be able to experience the love of the brotherhood, visit to find a local congregation nearest you. Sophia Trigonis for INC News Network; Burlingame, California.


SHANNON SANTAMARIA: With a population



of 26 million, Australia is close to eliminating community transmission of the coronavirus, Washington Post 

SHANNON SANTAMARIA: making possible the return of spectators attending sporting events. And it’s here in Western Australia where we’ll also find excited friends and families coming together for a different kind of sporting event. 


SHANNON SANTAMARIA: The sounds of cheering are slowly returning after more than a year of lockdowns. Residents in Midland, Australia were excited to travel to the Swan Active Community Centre, cheering on players. On this day Church Of Christ members in the District of Australia West held a multi-sport Unity Games, which included: basketball, volleyball, swimming, table tennis, badminton, and bowling. Along with chess, and even Scrabble.

Though these sports and board games are usually played with the aim to win, today’s Unity Games are filled with camaraderie, teamwork, and sportsmanship, which strengthens friendships along with the bonds of brotherhood inside the Church Of Christ. Members in this part of the world are looking forward to more time spent together with various activities and more Unity Games. 

To keep up to date with the activities held inside the Church Of Christ, visit


SHANNON SANTAMARIA: Well, that does it for us on INC News World. Tune in every Friday for new episodes of INC News World on I’m Shannon Santamaria and on behalf of the entire INC News World team, thank you for joining and we hope you continue to stay safe wherever you may be. We’ll see you next time. Have a great weekend and God bless!

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