INC and the Bible
The Service We Render to God Will Never Be Useless

The services rendered to God and the Lord Jesus Christ inside the Church of Christ…

Definition of a Cult

What is the definition of a cult? You asked, the Bible answers.

About the INC
Could This Story Be Speaking To You?

We can’t assume we know you, what you’re looking for, or what you’re going through. But if you’re a human being in this crazy world today…

Cebuano Shows
Dili sa Bisan asa nga lugar o bisan unsa nga (Not in Any Place or Manner)

We believe that serving god is the primary duty of all people. However, many people are divided on how it should be done because of the widespread belief that it’s up to the individual where and how to worship God. Does God instruct us in the Bible that any place or any manner is sufficient worship?

INC International Edition
Is Praying Enough?

Do you pray? In this modern day and age, is it good for us to pray […]

Church News
House of Worship Dedication in Corona

The Ecclesiastical District of Southeast California dedicates a new house of worship in Corona.

European Languages
Haben Sie schon von der Kirche Christi gehört?

Vielleicht haben Sie dieses Siegel in der Stadt oder sogar online gesehen? Oder vielleicht, wurde Sie […]

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Have you heard about the Church Of Christ in the United Kingdom?

Perhaps you’ve seen this seal around town or even online? Or perhaps, you’ve been invited to […]

INC International Edition
Christian Music That Matters

How is the Church of Christ using music to help people deal with the realities of […]