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Sharing What You Have: Filling Canadian Food Banks

Watch the effort of INC Giving Volunteers in Canada to share what they have with food banks nationwide.

Church News
Teaching For A Bright Future

As new teachers for the Children’s Worship Service are added in Western Canada, a young woman shares how her instructor – and father – inspired her to serve in caring for the young children in the Church Of Christ.

Aid for Humanity
The Warmest of Hearts

INC Members in Vancouver, British Columbia reach out to the community as part of the simultaneous […]

Church News
Young Travellers

INC Kids get to have fun while learning – not only learning about different countries, but […]

Church News
Welcome, My Brethren

A day of fun and entertainment was also a day of learning as new members of […]

Church News
Unity From Coast To Coast

Under highly competitive circumstances, the true meaning of the Unity Games never loses during the Canadian Nationals.

Church News
A Common Bond

A common bond between choir members bring them closer to God.

Church News
Pastoral Visit in Mexico

Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, visits Mexico. INC continues to grow in Africa, the Pacific […]

Church News
New Year New Inspiration

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