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Ang Tunay Na Sugo Ng Diyos Sa Mga Huling Araw (The True Messenger Of God In These Last Days)

Music by: Ryan Solitario Performed by: Rondalla, United Kingdom Produced by: INC Media Services, United Kingdom

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Unified Sportsmanship

In recognizing the value of Unity and Brotherhood, 7 Countries came together in upholding the Unity […]

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Unlocking A Greater Purpose

Members of the Church Of Christ in Northern England strive to fulfill one of the fundamental […]

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Together Tonight

The members of the Church Of Christ from different parts of Ireland dined together and spent a night filled with smiles and laughter alongside their…

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Speech of Appreciation

The youth of the local congregation of Newport, Wales showed their love and appreciation for their beloved parents through their performances…

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INCLIVE – Discovering Potential

INCLIVE – (Livelihood, Interaction, Values, Entertainment) one of the most anticipated annual event in the District of United Kingdom was held…

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A Promise to God

God has blessed the District of United Kingdom with more members to take oath as officers in the CFO (Christian Family Organization)…

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Points of Unity

Members of the Church Of Christ in the District of United Kingdom rally together in sportsmanship to win the ultimate prize – points of unity.

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Blessings in Torquay

Join us as we look back on God’s love for His children in Torquay, United Kingdom, as they continue to experience His blessings during their Inaugural…