INC Giving Show
Sharing Hope

INC Members in Los Angeles reach out to their neighbors as part of the simultaneous Worldwide […]

Church News
Ex-pastor reúne con Dios (Former pastor reunites with God)

Jose Robles era Pastor de su propia Iglesia pero que tuvo una experiencia que le llenó de certitud. El Distrito del Sudoeste de California celebra la…

Church News
The Time to Shine

Campaign on propagation encourages more to find God and turn to faith; hundreds make the decision to seek truth and learn more through the community inside the Church Of Christ.

Family Shows
INC Kids Coloring Pages

DOWNLOAD NOW AND PRINT the next set of INC Kids coloring pages! Now featuring the Districts of Northern Midwest, Southeastern Seaboard and Southwest Cal…

What makes it the “right” place?

Is there such a thing as the “right” place? See how the search for a permanent place of worship brought together a congregation and a community.

INC Giving Show
For the Love of Knowledge : Supporting Education Achievements

Meet volunteers from different corners of the world who made a choice to overlook the mounting obstacles that stood in their way – they focused on the…

Family Shows
“Parent’s Appreciation” – INC Kids On Tour: Southwest California

Musical performance by the INC Kids of Southwest California at the INC Kids On Tour.

Church News
Teacher’s Appreciation Day

A teacher’s appreciation day was held throughout the ecclesiastical District of Southwest California to acknowledge educators in the community.

Church News
Welcoming the Truth

People from different parts of the world are introduced to truth.