Hometown Love

INC Members in Cleburne, Texas reach out to their community as part of the simultaneous Worldwide […]

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Overcoming Together

Texas residents are still recovering from Hurricane Harvey. Find out what volunteers in the region did […]

Church News
Keeping Faith Through the Storm

After making landfall in Texas as the most powerful storm to hit the United States in over a decade, members of the Church Of Christ in the region make…

Church News
Lifting Voices in Praise

Colorado is usually known for its tourist attracting views, but during the District of Southern Midwest’s Choir Day…

Family Shows
Now I Know: Water Marble Nails

Learn how to do this water marble nail art with April. Now you know!

Church News
INC Member Speaks at Alamo City Comic Con

James Raiz, host of “Time to Draw,” speaks at the Alamo City Comic Con! Plus, members of the INC from different parts…

Church News
Welcoming the Truth

People from different parts of the world are introduced to truth.

Family Shows
“Let Us Abound” – INC Kids On Tour: Southern Midwest

Musical performance by the INC Kids of Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora and Loveland at the Southern Midwest INC Kids On Tour.

Keeping Safety in Mind

Roy Fitzgerald not only works to keep our airports safe, but he also uses his training to keep members safe.