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Bringing Change

INC Members in Brazil reach out to their neighbors as part of the simultaneous Worldwide Aid For Humanity project in cooperation with the Felix Y. Manalo Foundation.

Church News
The Message of Song

They came from different regions and rearranged their voices in a distinct way, climbing the vocal scale for a trophy in the A Cappella Competition.

Aid for Humanity
Helping Through the Storm

INC Members in Jacksonville, Florida reach out to their neighbors affected by Hurricane Irma as part […]

Church News
Charleston 40th

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the South Carolina local congregation, families in Charleston gathered for family […]

Church News

Thousands fled from their homes for yet another calamity that threatened to wipe out the Caribbean […]

Church News
Ex-pastor reúne con Dios (Former pastor reunites with God)

Jose Robles era Pastor de su propia Iglesia pero que tuvo una experiencia que le llenó de certitud. El Distrito del Sudoeste de California celebra la…

Church News
Building Strong Roots in Alabama

Prayers are answered, as Huntsville becomes home to the first INC house of worship purchased in Alabama. The congregation prepares the new property for its Inaugural Worship Service and opens its doors to the neighborhood.

Church News

Youth gathered in Atlanta, Georgia, where they were reminded of how to navigate their way through life as Christians and stay enlightened by their membership..

Family Shows
INC Kids Coloring Pages

DOWNLOAD NOW AND PRINT the next set of INC Kids coloring pages! Now featuring the Districts of Northern Midwest, Southeastern Seaboard and Southwest Cal…