Church News
Motivated by Faith

High school students under the age of 18 were recognized for their success in graduating. As they finish this stage of their life, they coninue…

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Sounds That Uplift the Soul

Musicians unite in Corona, California to create original compositions and express their faith through song — joining artists across the globe in the 50th…

Family Shows
INC Kids Coloring Pages

DOWNLOAND AND PRINT NOW the next set of INC Kids Coloring Pages! Now featuring the Districts of Northeastern Seaboard, Northwest California and Southeast Cal…

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A Celebration of 25 Years

Members from the Local Congregation of South San Diego look back at 25 blessed years of memories and milestones.

INC Giving Show
For the Love of Knowledge : Supporting Education Achievements

Meet volunteers from different corners of the world who made a choice to overlook the mounting obstacles that stood in their way – they focused on the…

Church News
The Universal Language of Music

In the Ecclesiastical District of Southeast California, members showcase their talents through music, song and dance.

Church News
Conquering the Trails

The members of the Church in the Ecclesiastical District of Southeast California get together for a day of fitness and fun.

Inspiring Shows
Stories of Faith: The Power of True Prayer (Podcast)

Feeling that the repetitiveness of praying the Rosary has no value, a young man comes to […]

Church News

April is Autism Awareness month and parents share tips regarding autism. In Northwest California, married couples hold a workshop to keep the love alive…