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Welcoming the Truth

People from different parts of the world are introduced to truth.

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Stories of Faith: A Mission for Others (Podcast)

A man finds comfort in God’s promises, which drives him to share this gift with others, especially with his family and countrymen. This is Victor Alexander’s Story of Faith, on INC Podcasts.

Church News
Practice Makes Perfect

A Musical Evangelical Mission in the Ecclesiastical District of Australia West used song and dance to share their faith.

Church News
Edification Through Voice and Music

Members in Singapore gather in the Concorde Hotel and use their musical talents to share their faith.

Church News
The Art of Painting

The Local Congregation of Highpoint, North Carolina invites members and guests for a night of painting.

Church News
Hope During Uncertain Times

Members brought their guests to a three-day Bible presentation held throughout the Ecclesiastical District of Northeastern Seaboard to learn the true words of God.

Church News
New Beginnings in Taholah

Members from the Ecclesiastical District of Pacific Northwest gather for the inaugural worship service held on the Quinault Indian Reservation in Taholah, Washington