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Invention Convention

Fostering creativity by means of science and innovations can help create curiosity of how everyday things […]

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S.T.E.M. Fair

Children come together to learn useful skills and gain interesting knowledge to help them see their own potential, especially their bright futures as members of the Church Of Christ.

Good Scientist AND a Good Christian?

Science and religion are often seen in opposition. Can someone be a good scientist and still be a good Christian? You asked, the Bible answers.

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Math and Science Day

Local Congregations from all over the United Kingdom are having fun with science experiments in this activity geared towards the youth.

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Museum of Learning

Young members of the Church enjoy a day of learning and exploration at the Corpus Christi […]

I am INC

Chasing his dream across the country, a young man living on his own for the first […]

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Kids and Science

The INC Kids of Mid-Atlantic learn and share their science experiments.

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Learning through Science

Young members in Humble, Texas learn about science through fun experiments.

The Bible Answered Questions Science Couldn’t

Michael Guerrero Back in high school I was a young and immature person. Just like a […]