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For the Safety of Others

SCAN members from across the Ecclesiastical District of Western Canada hold a special gathering.

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Citizens in Training

SCAN officers in Singapore are trained to respond in emergency situations.

Keeping Safety in Mind

Roy Fitzgerald not only works to keep our airports safe, but he also uses his training to keep members safe.

SCAN International: Saving Lives

Discover the history and priorities of the Society of Communicators and Networkers, International.

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Saving Lives Is Our Priority

SCAN-International commemorates their 27th anniversary with special gatherings all over the world.

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INC Live Update 02.06.2016

Spreading God’s words in Lesotho, Africa; INC Giving in Charleston, South Carolina; women’s flag football in […]

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INCLU 01.23.16 (A Day of Service and Appreciation)

INC Giving events in Florida and Micronesia ; creating art for others in S. California ; […]

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Church News Update #671 (SCAN / PARA)

SCAN International member honored by PARA (Philippine Amateur Radio Association)