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INCNews World: October 5, 2018

The Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, conducts a pastoral visitation and dedicates a house of […]

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The Core of My Life

When your job can demand so much of your time, finding balance can prove challenging. For […]

English Shows
Coming Together for the Community

The Iglesia Ni Cristo Church of Christ members offer free services to help in the neighborhood in San Jose, California. Join Lois Paula as she joins…

English Shows
Plaza of Hope

It’s hard to make ends meet these days, so members of the Church of Christ in the Bay Area reach out to their community to offer a little help.

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INC Live Update 1/31/2016 – INChoreo & Singing in Belfast, United Kingdom

Featured this week: INChoreo & Singing Competition in Belfast, United Kingdom, Grand Baptism in Los Angeles, […]

Family Shows
On the Go: Blood and Bone Marrow Drive

Let’s Sing is on the road at Northern California’s Blood and Bone Marrow Drive.

Day 23

23 Days left until the Centennial Closing Ceremony