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Is the God of the Bible a Triune God?

Who is the God of the Bible? For members of the Catholic Church, they believe in […]

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Why God Is Not a Trinity

Experts explain what the trinity means, and why so many religions who believe in the trinity […]

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Am I in a Denomination?

Is it important for a church to bear Christ’s name? You asked, the Bible answers.

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Why So Serious About Church Membership?

The Church Of Christ is a global church. Why have people from different countries, cultures, and customs come into the Church Of Christ?

INC International Edition
The Error of Many Churches

For many people around the world, they regard organized religion as being very important, and lots of men and women have affiliated themselves with some…

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A Musician Finds His Life’s Purpose

The power of music strikes a unique chord in the life of this young Christian, who looks to God to use him as an instrument to spread a message much greater than his own.

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What Those Who Call Themselves Christians Should Know

More than 2 billion people in the world today identify themselves as Christians. Do you consider […]

INC International Edition
What’s in a Name?

Do you know how the name of your church came about? Does the name of a […]

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What You’re Really Giving Up for Lent

Is Lent biblical and accepted by God and Jesus Christ?