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Teaching Children to Budget

We’ve tackled the subject of money before on the show. The Bible is full of lots of instruction when it comes to money- including advice and warnings.

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Crab Mentality

Cooked crabs not only make a flavorful, mouth-watering dish for seafood lovers. Live crabs in a bucket, barrel, basket or pot also serve as a metaphor…

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The Most Serious Problem and its Solution

Among all the serious problems in the world – war, poverty, violence – some would ask, why […]

The Most Serious Problem and Its Solution

Why do we devote time and vigorously pursue the sacred mission of sharing our faith? While there […]

Heart & Soul – Episode 1: Do We Fight Or Do We Fly?

All relationships encounter problems. So when they do, do you fight for it, or fly from […]

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In a life that is full of hardships, distress, and pressures, many people look to things […]

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Keeping a Positive Mind in a Negative World

Find out how you can keep a positive mind in a negative world. Show/Hide Transcription “Our […]

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Choosing The Right Friends

Find out how we can choose the right friends, according to the Bible. Show/Hide Transcription Our […]

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Solving Common Family Problems

In every family, there will be problems. Find out how these problems can be prevented or […]