Blessed Moments
Blessed Moments with Brother Eduardo V. Manalo: An Expression of Gratitude

Singer and songwriter, Ferdinand Buendia, Jr. tells us his motivation behind “Salamat Po, Ka Eduardo.” Watch […]

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To Go the Distance

Stress and anxiety can take a toll on one’s life, especially for young and developing teenagers. […]

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La Iglesia Que Cambiará El Mundo (The Church That Will Change The World)

La Iglesia De Cristo está transformando el mundo con actos caritativos y ayuda humanitaria. Observe como hermanos de […]

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INCNews World: June 29, 2018

CHAPEL DEDICATION AND ORDINATION Dona Faustina, Quezon City, Philippines MIRACLE ON A MOUNTAIN Petit-Goâve , Haiti […]


Not many people nowadays have taken the time to show kindness towards strangers. But sometimes you don’t even have to look too far to show kindness…

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Behind the Scenes: Time to Draw LIVE – Philippines

Check out the Behind the Scenes of Time to Draw Live Philippines edition!

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How to Draw and Color a Tarsier | Time to Draw LIVE

Time to Draw goes LIVE! This time with the INC Kids in Metro Manila Philippines.Learn how to draw a Tarsier with professional artist, James Raiz…

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Working Toward the Finish Line

A brother from Las Vegas, Nevada gives away sneakers to some deserving teens. Follow a sister from New Jersey as she works her way across the finish line. Learn how to de-clutter even the smallest spaces and a ping-pong player represents team Philippines in the World Ping Pong Championship.

6 Years of Success

Throughout the last 6 years there has been immense growth in the number of houses of […]