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The Value of Discipline

Aside from being smart and hard-working, the Bible encourages us to pair wisdom with discipline. Why? Keep listening.

God's Message Podcast
Amidst A Troubled World

Can’t figure out a solution to one of your problems? Give prayer a try and see […]

Some Steps Toward A Successful Marriage

Every marriage will go through problems. No Marriage is perfect, but you can still have an amazing relationship with your spouse. The Bible has advice on how to have a successful Marriage.

God's Message Podcast
How Can One Attain God’s Blessings?

We all long to receive God’s blessings. But is there something we need to do? Is […]

God's Message Podcast
Membership In The True Church: An Inseparable “Partner” of Faith

Are you trying to live a more faith-centered life? The Bible reveals you need more than […]

God's Message Podcast
If Faith Alone is Enough To Be Saved, What About Love?

Many people believe faith alone is enough to receive salvation? Is this true? Or is there […]

God's Message Podcast
What Man Needs To Do Now More Than Ever

In a world where there are so many problems that arise day in and day out, […]

God's Message Podcast
A Joyful End

We all know that an end is inevitable, whether it be our life or the world, […]

God's Message Podcast
A Worry-Free Life Amidst a Tumultuous World

Learn how to find peace amidst a troubled world. https://6cc01736a8b7469eea83-f88f9440ad5746426262c51df996b682.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/AWorryFree_v3.mp3