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What Kind of Sleep is Bad for You?

People fall asleep in all sorts of places. Getting a good night’s sleep is, well, good […]

God's Message Podcast
He Will Never Fail Us

Sometimes our closest friends and family can be unreliable… but do you know who’s never too tired to listen or never runs out of answers? Keep listening for the answer.

God's Message Podcast
How Much Do We Love God?

We’ve probably heard of God, some of us may have even tried to pray to Him…but is that enough? The Bible has the answers.

God's Message Podcast
The Gate That Leads To Life

Not all churches are the same, find out what the difference is with the Church of Christ, Iglesia Ni Cristo, in this episode.

God's Message Podcast
More Important Than Wealth and Wisdom

Money and intelligence can take you far, but even that has limitations. If you want to unlock amazing opportunities, the Bible tells us to look to God.

God's Message Podcast
The Value of Discipline

Aside from being smart and hard-working, the Bible encourages us to pair wisdom with discipline. Why? Keep listening.

God's Message Podcast
Amidst A Troubled World

Can’t figure out a solution to one of your problems? Give prayer a try and see […]

Some Steps Toward A Successful Marriage

Every marriage will go through problems. No Marriage is perfect, but you can still have an amazing relationship with your spouse. The Bible has advice on how to have a successful Marriage.

God's Message Podcast
How Can One Attain God’s Blessings?

We all long to receive God’s blessings. But is there something we need to do? Is […]