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INCNews World: December 14, 2018

In this week’s INCNews World, watch stories behind the dedication of the house of worship in […]

Church News
INCNews World: November 16, 2018

In this week’s INCNews World, watch stories about the growth of the Church of Christ in […]

Church News
INCNews World: November 9, 2018

In this week’s INCNews World, watch the stories behind the new house of worship in Bristol, Connecticut (Northeastern Seaboard) and Aid to Humanity Medical Mission in the Republic of Vanuatu (Australia East). See how Church Of Christ members in the Ecclesiastical District of Northern Midwest spiritually uplifted members of their community.

English Shows
Partnering to Make Playgrounds Safe

When a 6-year-old partnership between INC Giving volunteers in Bloomingdale and the City of Glendale Heights […]

Church News
A Wonderful Gift To Give

We normally expect well-wishes and gifts on our birthday, however, a young woman celebrates her birthday […]

Church News
Devoted To Praise

A special gathering of choir members in Northern Midwest has one choir leader express her lifelong dedication to her duty and how that dedication continues in her family.

Aid for Humanity
Sharing the Love

INC Members in Rockford, Illinois reach out to their neighbors as part of the simultaneous Worldwide […]

Does form always follow function?

Can the unique architecture of the Church Of Christ worship building in Park Ridge, Illinois have a function more than just being unique?

INC Kids Coloring Pages

DOWNLOAD NOW AND PRINT the next set of INC Kids coloring pages! Now featuring the Districts of Northern Midwest, Southeastern Seaboard and Southwest Cal…