Church News
Blessings in Germany

The blessings in Germany continue with the inaugural worship service in Ravensburg.

Church News
Songs of Prayer

Choir members from all over the Ecclesiastical District of Northern Europe sing as one in their […]

Church News
INConcert in Oslo, Norway

The first INConcert in the Scandinavian Region of Northern Europe, INC Kids Tour in Southwest California, […]

Family Shows
I Am An INC Kid! – Chloe

Meet Chloe from Bonn, Germany. She is an INC Kid. Learn more about being an INC […]

Church News
Europe Districts Unite

Brethren from the Ecclesiastical Districts of United Kingdom, Northern and Southern Europe gather in Barcelona, Spain […]

Church News
Unshaken Despite Hurricane

Hurricane Matthew hits the Southeastern Seaboard, Felix Y. Manalo Foundation offers free flu vaccinations in Mid-Atlantic […]

Church News
Strengthening Brotherhood

Brethren in Zurich, Switzerland spend quality time together to strengthen the love of brotherhood.

Church News
Growth of the INC in Norway

The Church continues to grow in the third largest city in Norway.

Church News
Europe Holds EVM Awards

Members of the Church from all over Europe travel to the United Kingdom for the EVM awards.