English Shows
Cecilio & Norma Acuña

Cecilio and Norma Acuña didn’t hear God’s calling to join the Church Of Christ like most […]

English Shows
Family Board Game Night

Further placing importance on spending time together, families of the Church Of Christ in the Northeastern […]

Church News
Fitness Together

Fitness is the focus in the Northeastern Seaboard as members of the Church Of Christ bond […]

New York Youth Send Packages of Love

Young INCGiving volunteers in Long Island City, New York, respond to the call for support of […]

Church News
A Life-Long Bond

As the Church Of Christ continues to recognize 55 years of the organization for married couples, […]

Church News
Renewing A Promise

Church Officers gather in Forest Hills, New York to be reminded of the great gift of duty and to renew their oath to God.

Church News
To Sing in Service

Choir members gathered together, singing hymns of praise, and are reminded of the importance of being steadfast and excelling in their labors for the Lord.

Church News
For Youth To Grow – Binhi Worldwide Summit

As youth members of the Church Of Christ gather from everywhere for a worldwide summit, a young woman from New York tells of the pressures that young people…

Aid for Humanity
Preparing For Winter

INC Members in Bronx, New York reach out to their neighbors as part of the simultaneous […]