Church News
Expressing Our Faith

Young members of the Church Of Christ gather together in Sacramento, California where hanging out and bonding leaves a warm and lasting impression for a newcomer.

Church News
Nurturing Young Minds – Worldwide Binhi Summit

Young members of the Church Of Christ also gather in Sacramento, California and show how their faith helps them express positivity in a digital world of…

Church News
Special Gathering of Officers

A special gathering of officers, along with the oath taking of 100, encourages and inspires these officers as leaders within the Church Of Christ.

Church News
The Gift of Singing

Choir members in Northeast California gather together to sing praises to God while remembering the precious gift that is their duty.

Church News
Student Graduation Recognition

Youth members of the Church are recognized for their educational achievements, with one young man sharing how he sees God’s love in their success.

We Gave it a Chance

Stories of Faith, Article How many times have you received a flyer tucked under your windshield […]

Featured-Stories of Faith
Hunter Family

God is the ultimate builder of our family — a lesson the Hunters learned when medical concerns…

INC Giving Show
For the Love of Knowledge : Supporting Education Achievements

Meet volunteers from different corners of the world who made a choice to overlook the mounting obstacles that stood in their way – they focused on the…

Creative Christian – INCKids Coloring Pages

DOWNLOAD AND PRINT now the next set of INC Kids Coloring Pages featuring the districts of Hawaii, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast California!