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Unity in New Zealand

New Zealand kicks off its first-ever activity as a newly established Church Of Christ District during […]

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Manukau Family Sportsfest

Families in Manukau, New Zealand come together to strengthen their physical well-being and their love for the brotherhood.

Can a natural disaster make way for blessings in Christchurch?

Can a city that has lived with so much destruction find a silver lining through the rubble?

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Reminded of Our Calling

Church officers throughout New Zealand gather for an inspiring message to help them carry out their duties for their fellow members, for the growth of the Church and ultimately for God.

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New House of Worship in Christchurch, New Zealand

A new house of worship of the Church Of Christ is dedicated in historic Christchurch, New […]

Recognizing Local Heroes

  In the early morning of July 2nd, the officers and brethren of the local of […]

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New Zealand – Family Fun Day

The members of the Church of Christ located in the North Island of New Zealand recently held […]