Faith Speaks
[FAITH SPEAKS] Jason Pablo- The lifelong conversation

Jason Pablo has grown into a habit of praying as his first response to anything in his life. And while his prayers evolve through the years, he realizes…

Faith Speaks
[FAITH SPEAKS] Jen Polintan – Toddler tantrum survivor

Jen and her husband find themselves in a battle of wits with their 2 year old. Find out how their faith shapes their parenting style.

Faith Speaks
[Faith Speaks] Rewa Thompson – My favorite answered prayer

After praying to find “the one,” Rewa discovered who the love of her life was in a way she never expected.

Faith Speaks
[Faith Speaks] Lamont Daniels – Kidney failure can’t stop me

When Lamont is diagnosed with kidney failure, he finds that no amount of medication can restore his strength, instead he finds resilience in a power stronger than his own.

Faith Speaks
[Faith Speaks] Maynard Binaday – Mom and dad had it right all along

Growing up, Maynard was your typical kid. He loved watching cartoons, playing video games, and joking around instead of listening to his parents advice…

Church News
S.T.E.M. Fair

Children come together to learn useful skills and gain interesting knowledge to help them see their own potential, especially their bright futures as members of the Church Of Christ.

Church News
Time To Draw Live Broadcast

At the first ever Time To Draw Live Broadcast, young members of the Church artistically express themselves while coming together in faith.

Family Shows
INC Kids Coloring Pages

DOWNLOAND AND PRINT NOW the next set of INC Kids Coloring Pages! Now featuring the Districts of Northeastern Seaboard, Northwest California and Southeast Cal…

Band Together

Presenting part IV of NESB’s Band Together Concert Series held in the Paramount Theater in Hudson […]