Church News

Thousands fled from their homes for yet another calamity that threatened to wipe out the Caribbean […]

Church News
Keeping Faith Through the Storm

After making landfall in Texas as the most powerful storm to hit the United States in over a decade, members of the Church Of Christ in the region make…

Aid for Humanity
Appreciation and Thankfulness: During Disasters or Everyday

During the historic 2016 fires in Alberta, Canada, tens of thousands of residents were evacuated, and […]

INC Giving Show
The Hope Brigade: Helping victims of Historic Louisiana Floods

Over 60,000 homes in Louisiana were damaged or destroyed by terrible floods. Volunteers from the Southeastern […]

INC Giving Show
INCGiving, In Focus – Helping Victims of West Virginia Floods

INC Volunteers from the Mid-Atlantic region team together to lend a helping hand to flood relief […]