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New Beginnings

Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, dedicates a new house of worship in Park Ridge, Illinois. […]

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The Purpose of Inviting People to Listen to God’s Words

Pourquoi évangélisons ou partageons-nous notre foi avec les autres quand beaucoup pensent qu’ils servent et adorent […]

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INC Kids Tour in Southeastern Seaboard

The 9th stop of the INC Kids Tour in Southeastern Seaboard, Walang Take Two wins in […]

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Praying for Nice, France

Northern Europe shares their experience during the attacks in Nice, France. Missionary work continues strong in […]

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Reaching Out in California and New York

INCGiving project reaches out to residents of Rodeo, California, the class of 2016 gives thanks, and […]

Reconnected: A Reporter’s Note on #INCReconnect

Reconnected: A Reporter’s Note on #INCReconnect  By: Caesar Vallejos You lose your Internet connection and you […]

English Shows
Our Present Life and the True Life

Life is precious, which is why we try our best to protect it. Some people focus on […]

Church News
Evangelical Mission in Narra, Palawan South

Witness an Evangelical Mission in the town of Narra, Ecclesiastical District of Palawan South, Philippines.


Modern technology connects people to each other – but no one, but God Himself, could have […]