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Who Will Tell Us Who God’s Messenger Is?

Throughout history, God sends messengers. There’s no doubt that those written in the Bible like our Lord Jesus Christ, Moses, down to the apostles…

Inspiring Shows
Stories of Faith: Never Too Late to Learn (Podcast)

A retired military man stationed in Japan thought he knew about religion, a former Baptist and Presbyterian. Until he was introduced…

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INC Kids Remember Brother Felix Y. Manalo

Remember Brother Felix Y. Manalo with INC Kids.

Family Shows
Sweetie Says: Prophecy and Messenger

Learn with Sweetie about prophecy and about the messenger in these last days, Brother Felix Y. […]

Inspired by the Messenger

Inspired by the Messenger What have you learned from The Messenger? Ask this question to people […]

Church News
Learning About The Messenger

Young members of the Church of Christ in Marseille, France learn about and appreciate the life […]

PSA – I Have Chosen You

Bro Felix Y. Manalo was God’s messenger sent to preach the truth to the world.

Messenger and Procession

The humble work of a single man has become a spectacular procession of victory for the […]

A Light for the World to See

What were the chances that a man from the Philippines would impact the life of a […]