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Vital Ingredients To Lasting Love

To cook is to love and married couples of the Church Of Christ (Iglesia Ni Cristo) […]

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Una Transformación En Antioch (A Transformation In Antioch)

Únase a nosotros para visitar la congregación de Antioch, California y conozca al hermano David Corona, […]

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Solid In Love And Faith

Enjoying an evening of fun with friends, members of the Church Of Christ continue to nurture […]

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Premarital Sex: Is it OK?

Do society’s feelings about premarital sex agree with the Bible’s stance? You asked, the Bible answers.

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Celebration Of Love For Our Spouse

Married couples in the Pacific Northwest also join in the celebration of 55 years of their […]

How To Make Girls' Time More Promising

Parameters for the Wives in the Villages Raising the Families

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A Life-Long Bond

As the Church Of Christ continues to recognize 55 years of the organization for married couples, […]

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A Recipe Of Love

Married couples in Oslo, Norway find a way to sharpen their culinary skills as well as strengthen their bond with each other.

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55 Years of Love and Marriage

As married couples celebrate 55 years of their organization inside the Church Of Christ, one couple celebrates that same longevity of their own marriage…