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Understanding Your Child’s Meltdown

When your child has a meltdown or a tantrum, they are trying to communicate something, learn […]

God's Message Podcast
A Joyful End

We all know that an end is inevitable, whether it be our life or the world, […]

God's Message Podcast
A Worry-Free Life Amidst a Tumultuous World

Learn how to find peace amidst a troubled world. https://6cc01736a8b7469eea83-f88f9440ad5746426262c51df996b682.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/AWorryFree_v3.mp3

God's Message Podcast
Making The Right Decision

We all want to make the best decision, right? God wants us to make the right decisions too, […]

God's Message Podcast
Where Your Treasure Is

What are some of things you put priority on? Your work? Leisure time? Travel? What about […]

God's Message Podcast
The Right To Serve God

Are you among those who try to live a Faith-centered life? Maybe you consider yourself religious […]

God's Message Podcast
God’s Plan In Creating Man

Find out what our purpose in life is. https://6cc01736a8b7469eea83-f88f9440ad5746426262c51df996b682.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/Gods%20Plan%20in%20Creating%20Man_v3.mp3

Church News
When You Trust In God, Faith Speaks

Like many parents in the Church Of Christ, Melissa Benedicto juggles a very busy life; able […]

Church News
Your Victory Is My Victory

A young woman shares how Church activities, such as The Unity Games, have always been an […]