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Battle Of Wits

Young members of the Church Of Christ in South East California battle it out in friendly […]

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Invention Convention

Fostering creativity by means of science and innovations can help create curiosity of how everyday things […]

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Sharpening Young Minds

The youth in the Ecclesiastical District of Australia West get creative when it comes to learning about the Bible.

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Conference for Former Pastors

A multi-day conference for former pastors, preachers and priests was held in the Philippines, aimed to […]

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Inspired to Learn About the INC

Guests from different parts of Asia are inspired to learn more about the Church of Christ.

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The Growth of the INC in Europe and Africa

More people continue to receive the knowledge of the truth and are called inside the Church […]

Religious Programs

In this day and age, young people can choose to do many things with their time […]

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The Most Important Wisdom Needed

There have been great advancements in civilization because of the increase and progress of human knowledge. […]

Church News
Battle of the Wits

Our young brethren in the Ecclesiastical District of Southwest California go head to head in their […]