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Second Annual Arts Day

Children of the Church Of Christ in Okinawa, Japan show their creativity on a day they […]

Church News
Strengthened Through Worship

Members of the Church Of Christ throughout the District of Japan united for a Special Worship Service amidst the impending danger of a natural calamity.

Church News
Children’s Art Day

Children in Okinawa, Japan exercised their artistic talents in an Art Day, joined by their parents […]

INC and the Bible
私たちの現在の人生と真の人生 (Our Present Life and the True Life)

人々は自分たちの健康と生活を守るためにできることは何でもします – 運動と健康的な食事。 キリストの教会のメンバーたちは、他人に招待するに真の教会の中にある教えを聞くように彼らの人生と他の人生を、守ろうとしています。何方もの方法も同様に重要ですか? [ENGLISH] People will do whatever they can to safeguard their health and […]

Church News
A new house of worship in Gunma, Japan

Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo dedicates a new house of worship to God in Gunma, […]

Church News
INC Members Keep Up Their Spiritual Fervor

Brother Eduardo V. Manalo leads a worship service in Fukuoka, Japan, INC Members in Canada celebrate […]

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Those Who Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ

Is simply professing faith in the Lord Jesus Christ enough in order to prove that we truly […]

Why We Need to Enter the Church of Christ

We understand that to serve and worship God is man’s duty because it is for that […]

The Most Serious Problem and Its Solution

Why do we devote time and vigorously pursue the sacred mission of sharing our faith? While there […]