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Time To Draw – How To Draw a Lizard

Learn how to draw desert animals with artist James Raiz! @boxofficeartist Brought to you by the […]

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INC Kids Choral Competition | South East California

Callista, one of the performers who participated in the INC Kids choral competition held in South […]

INC Kids
BIBLE TIME – Downloadable Drawing Sheets!

Get to color in your favorite Bible Time stories! Take a photo with it, hashtag and […]

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Wisdom Needed For Young Minds

Children in the Church Of Christ come together for a Bible quiz with one girl in […]

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INC Vision

INC Kids in the United Arab Emirates express their faith and Christian values as they learn […]

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Bible Time – Saul Becomes Jealous of David

We should learn how important it is to respect and believe in the authority of the […]

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Bible Time – The Story of Adam & Eve

Through the story of Adam & Even, we learn the importance of following God’s instructions. Learn with us […]

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Bible Time – David and Goliath

A young servant of the Lord God, David, takes on the Philistine Goliath and finds that […]

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Gaining Valuable Knowledge

One boy shares why he feels much closer to God as children in the Church Of […]