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Behind the Scenes: Time to Draw LIVE – Philippines

Check out the Behind the Scenes of Time to Draw Live Philippines edition!

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INC Kids Connect

The future of the Church Of Christ is found in the youth which is why the […]

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How to Draw a Flying Superhero | Time to Draw

It’s time to draw! Learn how to draw a superhero in flight with the artist, James Raiz.

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Sweetie Says No to Valentine’s Day

What is Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine’s Day? Should we celebrate Valentine’s Day? Find out in […]

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Shooting for Young Unity

10-year-old basketball enthusiast gets a chance to shoot for his team’s winning title in Hawaii-Pacific’s 3-on-3 […]

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How to Color a Tarsier | Time to Draw LIVE

Watch this excerpt from the LIVE show of “Time to Draw,” and learn to color and shade a Tarsier drawing with artist, James Raiz.

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How to Draw a Tarsier | Time to Draw LIVE

Watch this excerpt from “Time to Draw LIVE” and learn how to draw a Tarsier with artist, James Raiz.

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Our Promise to Teach

Even at a young age, children are taught the words of God. Raised to value His teachings, many are now the youth mentors who want to share this same love for their Christian service inside the Church Of Christ.

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How to Draw Chibi Style | Time to Draw

It’s Time to Draw with James! Learn how to draw an INC Kid Chibi style. Let’s color and shade it in, too!