Church News
Inaugural Worship Service In Neepawa

In the small town of Neepawa, Canada, a small number of members of the Church Of Christ found opportunity, but also the added blessing of holding the inaugural worship service in that place.

Iglesia De Cristo Mundo
Hora de la Verdad (Time for the Truth)

Felipe Sanchez de Oaxaca, México es un ex-presidente municipal que nunca dejó su confianza en la Biblia y de que había una Iglesia verdadera. Los hermanos en…

Church News
Building Strong Roots in Alabama

Prayers are answered, as Huntsville becomes home to the first INC house of worship purchased in Alabama. The congregation prepares the new property for its Inaugural Worship Service and opens its doors to the neighborhood.

Church News
Blessings in Germany

The blessings in Germany continue with the inaugural worship service in Ravensburg.

Church News
New Beginnings in Taholah

Members from the Ecclesiastical District of Pacific Northwest gather for the inaugural worship service held on the Quinault Indian Reservation in Taholah, Washington

Church News
Inaugural Worship Service in Rockingham

Members of the Church of Christ in the Rockingham area of Australia West hold their inaugural […]

Church News
Inaugural Worship Service in Camberwell

An extension in Camberwell, United Kingdom is established.

Church News
Expansion of INC in Ireland

The Church continues to grow in Ireland.

Church News
INC is registered in Montana

The INC continues to grow and is registered in the state of Montana.