Church News
United in Song

Artists gather in Virginia Beach, Virginia for their INC Music Collaboration — joining musicians across the globe in the 50th in the West Song Writing Competition.

Church News
The Gift of Singing

Choir members in Northeast California gather together to sing praises to God while remembering the precious gift that is their duty.

Church News
God’s Work Extends in Portlaoise

The Church of Christ continues to grow in Ireland as an Inaugural Worship Service was held in Portlaoise.

Does form always follow function?

Can the unique architecture of the Church Of Christ worship building in Park Ridge, Illinois have a function more than just being unique?

Church News
Building Strong Roots in Alabama

Prayers are answered, as Huntsville becomes home to the first INC house of worship purchased in Alabama. The congregation prepares the new property for its Inaugural Worship Service and opens its doors to the neighborhood.

Church News
The Truth Reaches Cosenza, Italy

The truth continues to spread in Consenza, Southern Italy.

Church News
The Time to Shine

Campaign on propagation encourages more to find God and turn to faith; hundreds make the decision to seek truth and learn more through the community inside the Church Of Christ.

Iglesia De Cristo Mundo
El Idioma de la Fe (The Language of Faith)

Los hermanos en Stratford, Inglaterra muestran su preocupación por su prójimo aprendiendo un nuevo idioma…

Church News
Children’s Choir Day

Young choir members in the Australian cities of Melbourne and Perth enjoy fun activities, strengthen friendships, and grow in their faith in the…