Church News
Blessings in Germany

The blessings in Germany continue with the inaugural worship service in Ravensburg.

Church News
Clean Up Australia Day 2017

Members in the Ecclesiastical District of Australia West participate in the annual Clean Up Australia Day.

INC International Edition
Proud to be Iglesia Ni Cristo

What makes you feel proud? What things are you most proud of in your life?

Church News
A Common Bond

A common bond between choir members bring them closer to God.

Church News
Practice Makes Perfect

A Musical Evangelical Mission in the Ecclesiastical District of Australia West used song and dance to share their faith.

Church News
Priceless Moments

A day of bonding between grandparents and grandchildren takes place in the Ecclesiastical District of Northeastern Seaboard.

Church News
Working Toward the Finish Line

A brother from Las Vegas, Nevada gives away sneakers to some deserving teens. Follow a sister from New Jersey as she works her way across the finish line. Learn how to de-clutter even the smallest spaces and a ping-pong player represents team Philippines in the World Ping Pong Championship.

Church News
The Beginning of a Journey

The Ecclesiastical District of Southwest California holds a grand baptism led by Minister of the Gospel, Brother Matt Pareja.

Church News
The Art of Painting

The Local Congregation of Highpoint, North Carolina invites members and guests for a night of painting.