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Sweetie Says Please and Thank You

Do you often say “Please” and “Thank You“? Are our Manners important? Find out on this “Sweetie Says.” Brought […]

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Don’t Be a Victim of Confusing “Christianity”

Attention Former Church-goers! Could you be a victim of Confusing “Christianity”? What turned you off the […]

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Israel ambassador reaffirms Israel’s friendship with the INC in 2nd courtesy call to INC Executive Minister

EAGLE NEWS –JUNE 11, 2018 Israeli Ambassador to the Philippines H.E. Effie Ben Matityau visited the […]

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United in Growth

The Sacramento family shares how members united in preparation for the inaugural worship service of the […]

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Media Training

Description: Taking time to hone their skills in media production, members in Southeast California learned the […]

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The Basis of True Worship is in the Bible

A Study On The Bible: It’s the same book you may have known your whole life. […]

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Learn With Us: What to Expect When You Study

We invite you to learn with us, to enroll in a free Bible course with the […]

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Why You Need to Experience a Worship Service with the INC

7 Benefits That Prove It’s Worth Your Time  Searching for a church to help you grow […]

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Sing, Share and Strengthen

Choir members in the Ecclesiastical District of Hawaii-Pacific take part in the worldwide evangelical mission by […]