Church News
Chroniclers Special Gathering

The importance of documenting Church history is highlighted in a special gathering of Church chroniclers, where those from Southwest California share what recording for history means to them.

Did You Know? – St. Patrick’s Day

Did you know… St. Patrick supposedly used the shamrock to teach the trinity, an unbiblical teaching? Find out more about this holiday and why it shouldn’t…

Church News
Photo Exhibit in Singapore Midland

The members of the Church in Singapore Midland celebrate their 37th anniversary by having a photo exhibit.

Church News
Museum of Learning

Young members of the Church enjoy a day of learning and exploration at the Corpus Christi […]

Church News
Pieces of History

The inaugural worship service in Romford, United Kingdom was held.

Behind the Scenes
Through the Lens – Centennial Series: Learning History

Go behind the scenes with the Centennial Series team and the importance of passing on Church […]

My Centennial Moment: Jennifer & Joanne Badanguio

Badanguio family from Salinas, California shares their experience on the INC Heritage Tour during the Centennial […]

Centennial Series
Passing on the Legacy of Faith

When people think of 100 years, they think in terms of milestones and accolades. For members […]

Centennial Series
What God Has Joined Together (Part 6)

Marriages inside the Iglesia ni Cristo have always been built upon the word of God written […]