Some Steps Toward A Successful Marriage

Every marriage will go through problems. No Marriage is perfect, but you can still have an amazing relationship with your spouse. The Bible has advice on how to have a successful Marriage.

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Learning from Failure

For anyone wanting to cope with failure, and more importantly looking to persevere in the face of failure…

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All around the world, tragic events are happening now more than ever. These calamities that happen […]

Faith and Family
Meet the Polintans

Meet the Polintans, where helping other families is their family time.

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We all have expectations in life that certain things will happen. Our expectations have potential to […]

Aid for Humanity
In Focus: Helping Rodeo, California

A member of the Church of Christ name Delia and a volunteer at the Rodeo YMCA […]

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In a life that is full of hardships, distress, and pressures, many people look to things […]

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La Razón por la que Ayudamos (Why We Help)

La Iglesia de Cristo dedica recursos para ayudar a los necesitados. ¿Cuál es la razón bíblica […]

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Learning to Forgive

Others may say it’s only natural to be angry or seek revenge when someone wrongs us. But how should we deal with anger according to the Bible?