Church News
Performing Our Duty No Matter What

In the Ecclesiastical District of Hawaii-Pacific, members of the SCAN organization participate in a special gathering. Two SCAN members share the importance…

Church News
Teaching The Gift Of Giving

As the 50th anniversary in the Far West approaches, members of the Church of Christ in […]

INC Giving Show
Sharing Aloha With American Samoa

INC Members in Hawaii reach out to their neighbors in American Samoa as part of the simultaneous Worldwide Aid For Humanity project in cooperation with the Felix Y. Manalo Foundation.

Family Shows
Creative Christian – INCKids Coloring Pages

DOWNLOAD AND PRINT now the next set of INC Kids Coloring Pages featuring the districts of Hawaii, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast California!

Church News
Redefining Success

Members of the INC walk for a good cause in Kapolei, Hawaii. Meet an Emmy Award Winning TV producer and see how the Church is spreading the true gospel in…

Inspiring Shows

The power of music strikes a unique chord in the life of this young Christian, who looks to God to use him as an instrument to spread a message much greater than his own.

Family Shows
I Am An INC Kid! – Ethan

Meet Ethan from Hawaii. He is a talented INC Kid. Learn more about being an INC […]

Church News
INC Members Keep Up Their Spiritual Fervor

Brother Eduardo V. Manalo leads a worship service in Fukuoka, Japan, INC Members in Canada celebrate […]

Will you be saved?

Religion is a choice, it’s a choice people make. It’s a fundamental belief in a being […]